Helping non-profits and places of worship raise funds, do good and engage their base!

Kind Base empowers non profits and places of worship deliver a better giving experience online and in-person to raise more donations and deliver long-term impact.

Make real connections with the funders, volunteers, and partners who power your organisation and help it achieve its goals.

Your mission matters! We accelerate your impact via our simple to use platform.


Donations can be collected at any time and from any location.

Make your online or in-person fundraising experience seamless for your donors and empower them with the ability to give with ease.


Take care of your  base.

Make first-time donors and volunteers into lifelong supporters. Kind Base  gives you the tools you need to develop proactive partnerships that will help your organization thrive.


Develop relationships that have a genuine impact.

Kind Base makes it easier than ever to engage your donors and volunteers. You can send and track personalized emails, text messages and mailings using our integrated marketing solutions.


Data from multiple channels in a single place.

No need to hop between different systems. Use a single and cohesive platform to run the critical aspects of your organization. Seamlessly integrate with services and tools you already use to run your organization smoothly.


Analyze your outcomes.

Create reports quickly to see metrics that can help you adjust your fundraising efforts and grow your donor relationships.


Your Guide to  Donor Engagement and Fundraising Software

Improve your fundraising experience for your donors and yourself.

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Kind Base is a people-focused software designed to help organisations engage their audience, transact and do great work!