Frequently Asked Questions about Kind Base

What is Kind Base?

  • Kind Base is the simplest way to collect, track and manage donations.
  • Kind Base puts the donor in power by allowing them to decide where to give and how much to give. They can use the simple and secure system anytime and support their favorite charity or faith based organization.
  • Kind Base empowers the charities and faith based organizations to raise more funds and do good in the world. Charities and faith based organizations can accept eChecks, credit and debit cards for donations. Also track cash and check donations along with manage their donors all from a single system.

Does Kind Base charge me?

Kind Base is free for donors and free for charities and places of worship. Any credit card transactions incur a fee (2.9% + 30c) and are charged by the processor. The organization receives the donation - the credit card transaction fee. For example: Jack is giving $20, then the credit card processor will deduct $0.58 and $0.30 from the total, and the organization will receive $19.12.

How does Kind Base work?

Kind Base provides a complete donation management and tracking capability to the organizations, while enabling donors to give through online, text, on-location kiosks or through mobile. Donors are able to make donations through credit cards or submit their pledges that can be paid via check, cash, bank transfer or through another offline method. Kind Base generates tax deductible receipts and provides complete giving history to the donors.

How do I get a kiosk at my place of worship?

Simply email us at

How do I set up a kiosk and how long does it usually take?

It takes less than a couple of minutes to set up the kiosk and Kind Base will walk you through the simple steps and show you how to add causes/events/projects to donate towards.

Where can the donor give?

A donor can give through any of the following ways:
  1. Online - We provide each organization with a dedicated giving portal/page. Organization can direct people to this portal/page.
  2. Giving Kiosk - Donors can also donate through our touch enabled self service kiosks located at your charity or event. If your organization can benefit from the kiosks, please reach out to us.
  3. Text message - We provide a number to the organization where the donors can send a text message to complete their donation.
  4. Mobile application - Smartphone app (coming soon) where the donors can directly give by simply tapping.

How does my charity or place of worship receive the donations?

The credit card processor deposits money directly into the organization's bank account after deducting the credit card processing fees.

How long does it take for the organization to receive funds?

Very first deposit can take up-to 7-10 business days. After that all settled transactions are deposited within 2 business days.

Is it secure?

  • Yes Kind Base is secure and built upon industry leading technology to protect donor information
  • We do not store any credit card information nor is it seen by anyone at Kind Base or anyone else
  • All credit card information is encrypted using military grade technology and transmitted to the processing bank

Why should I use Kind Base?

  • It’s simple and secure 
  • Promotes transparency and accountability 
  • Enable more forms of funding
  • Get tax receipts and see the impact first hand

*Third party bank credit processing charges will apply. Text/Messaging charges by your carrier may apply as well.

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