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Online Giving

24/7 Secure Online Donations : Kind Base gives you the ability to accept any type of online donation or event registration and lets your donors give automatically with recurring options. And we do it all from a secure, web-based system that looks and feels exactly like your website!

Meet Your Donors where they are : Kind Base enables people to automate what's most important in their life. The churches/ministry is empowered to accept donations through web anytime anywhere.

Recurring Donations : With Kind Base's recurring options, donors can easily customize their gifts frequency. Also the donors receive an email receipt each time they make a recurring payment, which simultaneously gives them tax deductible receipts they need and reduces your workload.

Receipts & Reporting : Thanking your donors and accessing transaction information are two of the most important things you can do after receiving a donation.
Once the donor's transaction is complete, Kind Base sends them a receipt you can customize in advance. The donor automatically receives instant confirmation and a copy of their transaction details. You have full control over the content, so you always know exactly what your donors will receive.

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