With actionable data, you can strengthen your donor community.

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Remove the uncertainty from reporting.

Produce detailed reports for your team and board members with ease. For presentations, marketing efforts, fundraising, and annual planning, create segmented lists.   

 Save time, improve resource allocation, and prioritise and personalise your advertising. Kindbase makes it simple to examine the stats that will help you fine-tune your fundraising efforts and expand your donor relationships.

Recognize your data. Unlock your contributors' generosity.


Get in-depth information.

Investigate the events and variables influencing your donors' donating habits.


Set aside time to spend time.

Use the time you save to engage with your contributors more deeply.


Make sense of your information.

With just a few clicks, you can gain useful insights.

You can rely on actionable reports.

Reporting using filters

Our user-friendly, filter-based reporting system enables you to understand more about your donors and have a greater effect.

Lists and segments

Take the most important data and utilise it to generate segments and lists for presentations, marketing, fundraising, and annual planning.

Scheduled reports

Schedule one-time, daily, weekly, or monthly reports with an.xls file attached.

Improve your fundraising experience for both you and your donors.

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