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Your donor database is just as useful as the information you can glean from it. Kindbase will let you start making sense of your data—from reports to integrations—all in one spot.

 Kindbase saves you time by ensuring that your data flows freely and properly between the apps you rely on, as well as improving data quality with automatic donor data updates.

Spend time on what is important-your objective.


One platform, infinite connections

Kindbase enhances data insights by connecting with your existing tools..


Better fundraising results derive from clean data.

You can feel assured that your donor database contains the most up-to-date information on your donors thanks to automatic daily updates (including addresses, birth years, and wealth information).


Reliable data for key decisions

Obtain useful insights from your technology tools.

A donor database created by fundraising professionals

Interactive dashboard

You can keep an eye on your donor retention rate, campaign success, and new gifts with our interactive dashboard. You can boost daily productivity and promptly manage new donors.

Software integrations

The tools you presently use to manage your business can easily be integrated with the Kindbase database. Kindbase  fragmented data is brought together.

Data segmentation

You may drill down into individual constituent groups using our simple, filter-based reporting system, and then send them personalised messages to re-engage at-risk contributors, manage first-time donations, and keep stakeholders updated.

Our integrations and automatic daily updates ensure that your data is always up to date.

Integrating natively

Kindbase interfaces with popular nonprofit tools like QuickBooks and Mailchimp. Kindbase brings disparate data together.

Suppression of the deceased nightly

When members of your donor community die away, they are listed as Deceased in Kindbase. Additional details, such as obituaries, are available, allowing you to contact the donor's next of kin and express your sympathies.

Open API

The Open API of Kindbase enables developers to make bespoke integrations with other tools in your nonprofit's tech stack.


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Improve your fundraising experience for both you and your donors.

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