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Kindbase was created by world-renowned fundraising professionals specifically for NGOs. You have the ability to manage your entire constituent ecology, which includes donors, volunteers, sponsors, grant givers, and others. As a result, your fundraising revenue will increase and donor attrition will decrease. Reduce your time spent on administrative activities and increase your time spent on your objective!

Kindbase advises you on the steps you should take to increase the loyalty and dedication of your fans. Kindbase puts simple technology and clever people on your side.

Connect your information. Get in touch with your donors.


Mission-driven and purpose-built

Designed with fundraisers like you in mind to assist you in focusing on your objective.


Excellent assistance

You'll have a team of people ready to assist you in making the most of Kindbase.


Mind-set tranquillity

You may rely on your statistics and reports to learn more about your donation base.


Take care of your donor base.

Make first-time donors into lifelong supporters. Kindbase  gives you the skills you need to develop proactive partnerships that will help your nonprofit thrive.

A donor database created by fundraising professionals

Interactive dashboard

You can keep an eye on your donor retention rate, campaign success, and new gifts with our interactive dashboard. You can boost daily productivity and promptly manage new donors.

Software integrations

The tools you presently use to manage your business can easily be integrated with the Kindbase database. Kindbase  fragmented data is brought together.

Data segmentation

You may drill down into individual constituent groups using our simple, filter-based reporting system, and then send them personalised messages to re-engage at-risk contributors, manage first-time donations, and keep stakeholders updated.


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Use Kindbase to manage your donor and fundraising requirements. 

Nonprofit companies can manage multiple duties with the Kindbase Donor Database system, including:

Improve your fundraising experience for both you and your donors.

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Kind Base is a people-focused software designed to help organisations engage their audience, transact and do great work!