Donations can be collected at any time and from any location.

Make your online fundraising experience seamless for your donors and empower them to raise funds for your cause.

Make real connections with the funders, volunteers, and partners who power your organisation and help it achieve its goals.

People-powered support with simple-to-use technology

Nonprofits truly enjoy using our Donor management software.

Kindbase assists NGOs in providing a better giving experience in order to raise more donations and generate long-term impact.

Raise additional funds through targeted communications and marketing activities. Kindbase allows you to generate, distribute, and manage time-sensitive, tailored emails and mailings.

Develop meaningful relationships.


Make your communications more personal.

Every donor is distinct. Communicate with them directly by sending tailored messages.


Discover more about your donors.

Discover what motivates people to support your cause.


Thank your supporters.

Receive notifications when new donors join your community. Thank your online donations right away with automated recognition emails and receipts that you can set up with a few clicks.

Donor communication and marketing tools are included in.

Email marketing tools built in

You don't need to utilise a separate bulk email solution to produce and distribute email newsletters, appeals, and acknowledgements using Kindbase. Email scheduling allows you to deliver your email campaigns on the date and time you want.

Donor polls

What is the most effective technique to learn what your donors want? Inquire with them! Surveys allow you to measure everything from satisfaction to trust on a single platform.

Letters and mailings

Print communications should have a personal touch. To save time, design and print direct mail items such as appeals and acknowledgements in batches.

Build stronger ties to achieve better results.

Send stunning personalised emails, letters and mailings, acknowledgements, and surveys to create long-lasting partnerships.

Improve your fundraising experience for both you and your donors.

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